• Improving Lives Through Mental Health Care

    Transforming the lives of severely persistent mentally ill individuals through intensive case management and holistic treatment.

  • Holistic diversion solutions for rehabilitation.

    With our public-private partnership, we provide a comprehensive court diversion program catering to various diversion models such as juvenile, adults, veterans, homeless, and drug-related court programs.

Our Programs

Court Diversion Models

We cater to a variety of court diversion models, including mental health, veterans, homeless, evictions, and drug-related court diversion programs. We offer comprehensive rehabilitative services for traumatized individuals facing severe mental health illness.

Our program offers intensive case management and psychotherapy as key components of our rehabilitative court diversion program. Our highly trained professionals work closely with clients to provide personalized and effective care.

Our Core Services

Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

Overall, the goals of the mental health court diversion program include reducing crime rates, addressing recidivism, and promoting the overall well-being of clients with severe and persistent mental illness. Through a collaborative and comprehensive approach, EmpowerCare Solutions strives to positively impact the lives of individuals in the program. By incorporating wrap-around services that encompass homing needs support, EmpowerCare Solutions enhances the comprehensive nature of the program and promotes the holistic care of individuals involved in the court system.

Program Goals

Transitional Services & Permanent Housing Solutions

By providing transitional services and permanent housing solutions, we aim to help our clients achieve sustainable and successful reintegration into society with reduced risk of recidivism.